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Vandeu Announces winner annu dogra for a social media event.

24/03/18 16:01:12

Vandeu rewarded miss anuu dogra who was the winner of vandeu social media event...

Vandeu participates in model hunt show

25/02/18 22:10:46

since vandeu is a international footwear brand, it continuously grows in the industry of fashion...

Vandeu Give free pair of shoes to fashion designers

26/12/17 13:03:06

Since sports and footwear needs a continuous need of newly trended fashion, vandeu gives free pair..

Vandeu participated in hisar marathon

30/10/17 21:27:52

National level marathon which is inaugurated by haryana CM M Khattar, takes place...

Vandeu with CME, Current concepts in sports injury management

29/10/17 10:54:46

Vandeu participates with an event which discusses on injury management for players...

Vandeu Host a model hunt show with leading bollywood stars.

10/10/17 21:28:42

Vandeu with collaboration with Star Dinesh Mehta , hosts a event named Mr & Mrs. north india 2017 al

Distributor meet in Radisson hotel

13/08/17 06:16:30

Vandeu's a 2 day distributor meet was occurred in Radisson hotel in New Delhi, Inviting distributor

Concept stores

11/08/17 09:18:56

Vandeu is planning to launch concept stores in all over India , starting from major cities...


Vandeu shoes and invited channel partner, in distributor "Meet & Greet" event.

Vandeu Holds award of Best Emerging Shoe Brand Of USA 2017 by Zee Group.

Vandeu distribute shoes to National and International players of India.

Vandeu participated in IIFF,New Delhi.

Vandeu sports with Memory foam Technology.

Vandeu - Keep Running.

Vandeu USA Now in INDIA.

Vandeu ad.


Company Overview

Vandeu is a Global leader in footwear. With more than 1,000 styles designed, developed, and marketed for women, men, and children, Vandeu focuses on two distinct categories of footwear.
Lifestyle offers WC Memory Cloud Foam
Contours to the singularity of your foot for ultimate comfort.

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India Office: L-14, Udyog Nagar, Near Peeragarhi,
New Delhi-110041
Toll-free number: 1800 123 0072 ,
Monday to Saturday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm